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In filmmaking, the microphones are always attached to boom pole rather than mounting on camera. The best output comes when you hold the boom pole in an accurate way. In this article, we have explained the right process of holding the boom pole for perfect sound quality.

How to hold a boom pole:

Before learning the proper way, we must know,

Why we use boom pole with mic?

The reason for using a boom pole for the mic is to keep the microphone closer to the performers. When pointed directly to the subject, it eliminates the ambient noises for perfect audio ramification.

Demonstration of boom pole usage

The process to hold a boom pole:

Follow the procedure explained below to use the boom pole in a perfect way. Professional boom operators working on industry follow the same procedure and get outstanding audio output.

  • First of all, use a high-quality shock mount to reduce the handling noises.
  • Crisscross the bands when putting shock mount in it, in this way the microphone is mounted securely.
  • After inserting the microphone in a shock mount, attach the audio cable to it.
The best way to prevent the cable from hanging is to wrap it around the boom pole. The professional boom operators suggest wrapping the tape around the part where the mic is attached to the cable connector to reduce any mechanical banging.
  • When you are done with attaching the microphone to the boom pole, now set up a frame line of the microphone with the cameraman.
The best way is to bring the mic in the frame of the camera above the subject, then steadily lift it up until it disappears from the frame.
  • Point the microphone towards the nose of the actor in a bit slight angle to get phenomenal audio results.

Holding a boom pole of a mic

Picking the boom pole for long shots is so tiring. To keep your arm relaxed, grip the microphone from the center to balance the pole.
Infographics explaining how to properly hold boom pole and microphone
Infographics on “How to hold a boom pole and microphone”

Boom pole holding positions angles:

You might see boom operators in following standard positions and angles:

  1. On the back of the shoulder with hands making “W”
  2. On the head with hands making “U”
  3. Lower inclined with the microphone pointing above
  4. Lower inclined with mic pointing on a normal plane
  5. Sitting on the ground and holding with the left hand

Boom-pole handling positions and angles

Boom pole handling position for best results

Holding the boom pole of microphone while sitting on ground

Video demonstration on holding a boom pole:

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