5 Best Shotgun Mics for Android – Smartphone optimized microphones

Best Shotgun mic for smartphones

As the trends have been changing and we are stepping into a different modern era, smartphones are more than just a means of communication. If you are interested in videography or podcast, and can’t afford professional equipment, use your Android phone for this purpose. But the in-built microphone of your mobile phone can ruin all … Read more

Best Shotgun Microphone for Interviews | Picks for sit-down and standup positions

Best Shotgun Microphone for Interviews

Interviews are a little tricky without the perfect gadgets and accessories. There are several types of interviews like sit down, standing, indoor, outdoor, audio, and video interviews. In any scenario, what remains constant is the requirement of a perfect shotgun microphone. For all the above types, there are specific interview shotgun mics available. The use … Read more

Best Budget Shotgun Mics – Low and High Budget Microphones!

Best Budget Shotgun Mic featured image

Whenever you purchase any sort of camera for video making, don’t forget to buy its essential accessory: a shotgun microphone. Audio and video both are like the formula of water; H2O, if it lacks one element, you can’t complete the final product. Minute details are always crucial to focus on if we want perfection. That’s … Read more

Best shotgun mic under $500 for professionals | #3 is game changer!

Best shotgun mic under $500

Best shotgun mics under $500 are pricey yet have overall better audio quality. If you are buying a microphone for indoor recordings then it’s better to prefer a condenser shotgun microphone. Read our in-depth researched article and pick the best shotgun microphone under $500 for your studios. It will not be a burden on your … Read more

Best Shotgun Microphones Under $200 Budget Reviews | What to expect?

Best Shotgun Microphones Under $200 Budget

A professional microphone is the need for podcasts, interviews, dialogues, and filmmaking. To get more directional and crystal clear audio, you have to invest little bit. To make sure your investment is not going to vain, you must do some research. Here we have listed some best shotgun microphone under $200. This is a mid-range … Read more

Best Shotgun Microphone under $100 | Reviews By Audio Engineers

Best shotgun mic under $100

Prices of shotgun microphones ranges from $50 to $900 or more, based on quality and brand. If your pocket is tight, still you can get a  reasonable shotgun microphone by doing some extra research and comparisons. Here we comes! and we have done deep research and tested various models for different purposes. Here we have … Read more